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Faculty Moodle Help - I don't see my current semester's course(s). How can i get it created?

We create a new Moodle course for every course section listed in the myNorthridge Portal. It is up to the individual instructor whether or not to then use the Moodle courses created for them. These new Moodle courses are usually created 3 - 4 weeks before the semester starts. If it is within 3 - 4 weeks of the new semester and you don't see your new Moodle course, please check the following:

  • Check the bottom of your My Courses list. By default all Moodle courses are created as unavailable (invisible) to students. We set all Moodle courses as unavailable to students to allow instructors to edit their Moodle courses to their liking before allowing students to see them. These courses will appear as gray links on your My Courses list. Course names will be appended with the semester and year.
    • Example: Fa11 = Fall 2011, Sp12 = Spring 2012, Su13 = Summer 2013, Wi14 = Winter 2014
  • Check the myNorthridge Portal to make sure you are listed as the instructor of record for the course(s). If the myNorthridge Portal┬ástill lists "Staff" or another instructor, contact your department office to get this corrected. After your department office has listed you as the official instructor of record in the myNorthridge Portal, please allow 36 hours for our automated system to create and add you to the Moodle course.

If you have checked all the solutions listed above and you still can't find your Moodle course, please email letting us know. Please include the course and section number (Ex: ART 101 #12345) and we will research the issue and get back to you shortly.

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