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Faculty Moodle Help - I want to import some/all of the content from one course to another. How do I do that?

  1. From the course homepage of the course you want to import content INTO, locate the Administration block and select Import.
  2. A list of all the courses you have taught will appear**. Select the radio button next to the course you want to import content FROM. Then, select the Continue button.
    1. **Note**: The import screen will only display 10 courses. If you have more than 10 past courses and don't see the course you would like to import from, enter the course number (ex: ART 101), the ticket number (ex: 12345) or the semester the course took place in (ex: Sp13, Fa12, Su10). This will filter your past courses and make it easier to select the desired course.
  3. Check the boxes for settings you would like to import. You will be able to select individual items on the next page. If you are not sure what to check, leave the default. Then, select the Next button.
  4. Check the boxes next to the items you would like to import. Un-check boxes next to the items you do not wish to import. You may utilize the Select All / None links at the top to quickly switch between all and none. Then, select the Next button.
    1. **Note**: Certain activities may produce errors if you import them across courses. Activities such as Blackboard Collaborate sessions and Turnitin assignments MUST be de-selected during the import process. You will have the opportunity after the import is complete, to re-create these activities.
  5. Moodle will display a confirmation page of all the items. A green check mark next to an item means it will be imported. A red "X" next to an item means it will NOT be imported. After reviewing, scroll to bottom and select the Perform Import button.
  6. You will receive an Import complete message when the import has finished. The import process may take a couple minutes depending on the amount of content being imported. Select the Continue button to return to the course.
  7. After the import is complete, review all course content to make sure it appears as desired. This includes checking quizzes to make sure all questions and images appear (if applicable).

**Note**: If you navigate to a new webpage or close your browser window while the import process is running, the import process will stop and you will have to start from the beginning again.

If you experience any difficulties or the import process scripts take longer than 15 minutes to run, please email and include the course and ticket number (Ex: ART 101 #12345) for both the course you are importing to and the course you are importing from.

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