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FMH - Enrollment Key

Faculty Moodle Help - Students are asking for an enrollment key to get into my Moodle course. How do I get one?

The enrollment key is a feature of Moodle that we do not use as we have an automated system that handles enrollment. During the first couple weeks of each semester, our automated enrollment system sees over 150,000 enrollment changes. To alleviate the strain on our Moodle system, we run these enrollment changes in batches. This can cause a delay of up to 48 hours from the time the student added a course in the myNorthridge Portal to the time they are added to the Moodle course. If a student tries accessing your Moodle course before they have been added by the automated system, it will ask for an enrollment key. We recommend waiting for the automated system to catch up and add the student. If you need the student added to your Moodle course immediately, you may do so manually by following the Enroll Users guide.

If your Moodle course serves as a site that does not have a normal enrollment feed (e.g. department, committee or group site), you may utilize the enrollment key to allow users to manually add themselves to your Moodle course. If you would like to try using an enrollment key for your special site, we recommend contacting the Faculty Technology Center at so that we may explain the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

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