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FMH - Combined Course

FMH - How do I combine two or more courses together?

Teachers have the ability to convert one of their courses to a combined course (previously called a metacourse). It doesn't require an extra course to merge the enrollment of the child courses. To do,

  1. Go into one of the courses you want to merge.
  2. In the Administration block, select Users and then Enrollment methods.
  3. Locate the Add method dropdown menu in the middle of the page and select Course meta link.
  4. In the Link Course field, select the course you want to combine enrollment with and select Add method button.

It may take a little while (30 seconds to a minute) for the next page to load. After it loads you will see it list Course meta link XX where XX is the other course's name. Once enrollment is run to courses, it will add the enrollment of the meta link course to the other course. Remember, just add content to the course that combined the enrollment; leave the other course alone.

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