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Faculty Moodle Help - How do I dock/undock a block?

Docking blocks allows a user to move blocks to the left side of the page, creating more space for other course content. Docked blocks can still be used by scrolling over them. You may also undock a block to return it to its original position.

Note: When a user docks/undocks a block, it only affects that user. (i.e. If a teacher docks the Navigation block in their course, it will not dock the block for all the students.)

  1. To dock a block, select the Move this to the dock button for the block you want to dock.
  2. The docked block will appear on the left side of the webpage. You may click or scroll over the block to activate its contents.
  3. To undock a block, select the block and then select the Undock this item button.
To dock blockDocked blockTo undock block
Move this to the dock button.  


Deleted blocks.  

 Undock this item button.

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