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FMH - Assignment Creation

Faculty Moodle Help - How do I create an assignment?

There are multiple assignment types available in Moodle. This will guide you through the creation of a basic Moodle assignment. For instructions on creating a Turnitin assignment, see the Turnitin guide.

  1. From the course homepage, select the Turn editing on button.
  2. In the desired week/topic, select the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. From the list of available options, select Assignment.
  4. Select the Add button.
  5. Enter the desired name of the assignment in the corresponding field.
  6. Enter a description in the corresponding field. This should include any directions, instructions, objectives, etc. that students should take into account when completing the assignment.
  7. Set your Availability settings in the corresponding section.
    1. Allow submissions from & due date - Set the date/time range to allow students to submit. You may disable by unchecking the Enable boxes. Note: Students may submit after the due date but their assignment will be marked as late. To disallow late submissions, set a Cut-off date
    2. Cut-off date - If enabled, the assignment will not accept submissions after this date without an extension.
  8. The following sections are considered advanced settings. We recommend leaving the default settings if you are not sure what they are.
  9. Set your Submission types in the corresponding section.
    1. Online text - If enabled, students are able to type their submission into an editor field in their browser.
    2. File submissions - If enabled, students are able to upload one or more files as their submission.
  10. Set your Feedback types in the corresponding section.
    1. Feedback comments - If enabled, the teacher can leave feedback comments for each submission.
    2. Feedback files - If enabled, the teacher can upload files with feedback when marking the assignments. These files may be, but are not limited to: marked-up student submissions, documents with comments or spoken audio feedback.
  11. Set your Submission settings in corresponding section.
    1. Require students click submit buttonIf enabled, students will have to click a Submit button to declare their submission as final (vs. a draft submission).
    2. Require that students accept the submission statement - If enabled, students must accept a submission statement that paraphrases the CSUN Academic Dishonesty code.
    3. Attempts reopened - If enabled, determines how students may re-submit to the assignment.
    4. Maximum attempts - If Attempts reopened is enabled, this determines how many re-submissions students have.
  12. Set your Group submissions settings in corresponding field. Note: Section only needs to be filled out if you are having students submit in groups.
    1. Students submit in groups - If enabled, students will be divided into groups created in Moodle course beforehand. A group submission will be shared among group members and all members of the group will see each others changes to the submission.
    2. Require all group members submit - If enabled, all members of the student group must click the submit button for this assignment before the group submission will be considered as submitted. If disabled, the group submission will be considered as submitted as soon as any member of the student group clicks the submit button.
  13. Set your Grade method in the corresponding section.
    1. GradeThis is the maximum point value the assignment will be worth in the gradebook. Assignments have a maximum point value of 100 in the gradebook. 
    2. Grading method - If a point value is desired in the gradebook, select Simple direct grading. For advanced users, you may try Checklist, Marking guide or Rubric.
    3. Grade category - If you set up grade categories in advance, you can assign the assignment to your designated grade category.
    4. Blind marking - If enabled, blind marking hides the identity of students from graders. Blind marking settings will be locked once a submission or grade has been made in relation to this assignment.
  14. Select the Save and display button to be taken to the newly created assignment or Save and return to course button to return to the course homepage.

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