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Pronto Demonstration

Monday, October 12, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Zoom only
Recommended attendees: Instructors who are new to using Pronto, but want better ways to connect and communicate with their students.
This workshop will showcase the many features of Pronto and how to access them. 

What is Pronto? 

Pronto is a communication tool that's similar to the social media messaging experience in the educational environment (Canvas). It offers the ability for your class to chat online, send files, and host live Pronto meetings. 

How does it work inside of Canvas?

Pronto's Canvas integration instantly connects each user with the students and instructors in their current courses and groups. It does so by automatically creating a group chat for each section of your course as well as Canvas groups that your students are enrolled in. 

How do you access Pronto?

  • Opening Pronto in Canvas - Selecting the Pronto icon in the Canvas global navigation will open the chat box in the bottom right of the Canvas page. 
  • The Pronto mobile app. Pronto was originally designed as a mobile-first application. Downloading the mobile app greatly enhances your communication experience. You can easily transition from working on your computer to a conversation on the go with the Pronto Mobile App. Pronto can be found in Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store by simply searching "Pronto: Team Communication."