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Podcasting with Tammy Trujillo - Session 6

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Zoom Only

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Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm

  • Week 1: May 30th & June 1st
  • Week 2: June 6th & 8th
  • Week 3: June 13th & 15th

Why Record a Podcast?

Podcasts are portable, students can download them and listen anytime, anywhere, online or off. They can also rewind and relisten to specific points. Instructors can use podcasts to provide lectures, and supplemental material, or bring in a subject matter expert as an interview guest. From the digital equity and accessibility perspectives, podcasts do not require a special device other than a smartphone and don't require an internet connection once they've been downloaded, and episodes can be submitted to CSUN NCOD for transcription.

Course Description

Our students are listening to podcasts - lots of them.  And podcasts have quickly become one of the most active forms of communicating ideas, so now is the time to think about integrating them into your classes and into your methods of engaging with your students.

This is a three-week course, four hours per week. The goal is to take an idea for a podcast and create it along with the infrastructure that goes along with it. It is expected that those completing the course could continue the podcast following the conclusion of the class or start another one on their own.

Instructor Bio

Tammy Trujillo is a professional broadcaster who has been on the air in Los Angeles for over 40 years as a news anchor.  Tammy has received numerous awards for her work over the years.  She has also been a college instructor for over 30 years in all aspects of broadcasting.  Here at CSUN, Tammy is the KCSN News Director and also a part-time lecturer in Journalism, teaching Jour 495 Podcast Storytelling.  

Tammy began podcasting in 2019, creating and co-starring on the podcast Talks with John, a weekly conversation with John Lennon. The podcast won eight international awards during its 106-episode run.  Tammy currently hosts two new podcasts of her own, co-host one with an internationally claimed illusionist based on his best-selling book and executive produce several others for large companies through my podcast consulting company, The Ultimate Podcast Pros.

Tammy has won 10 international podcasting awards including most recently the Platinum Muse Creative Award for her podcast with world-famous illusionist Rick Thomas - Nothing Happens Until You Dream.

In addition, Tammy is under contract to write a textbook on podcasting.

Course Outline

Week 1:

  • The basics of podcasting
  • What makes a good podcast
  • Translating an idea into a podcast
  • Podcast planning
  • Scripting the podcast trailer
  • Audio recording and editing

Week 2:

  • Hosting accounts and how to use them
  • Uploading and RSS (really Simple Syndication)
  • Creating a podcast landing page
  • Planning for Episode 1
  • Creating promotion
  • Creating a podcast website

Week 3:

  • Producing intros/outros
  • Understanding ‘call to action’
  • Show Notes
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Submitting to podcast platforms
  • Listener Engagement