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eText Initiative

CSUN eTexts logo, icons of a mic, video play button, pencil and hands on a tablet device clicking on a virtual bookshelf.

From 2013 to 2015, approximately 70 faculty at California State University, Northridge participated in an eText Initiative, where they learned how to create eTexts for their courses. eTexts are digital teaching materials that help faculty customize content for efficient and effective learning and which often include multimedia, interactive exercises, and embedded links. Aside from improving instruction, eTexts help reduce the cost of books for students. 

Following the completion of this initiative, many faculty continue to produce original eTexts or digital course readers on their own or with the assistance of the CSUN eLearning Program

See a virtual “bookshelf” of faculty-authored eTexts.

The videos below introduce eTexts with examples from the 2013 eText cohort:


To learn more about ways to create eTexts or eLessons, see the eLearning Essentials site, a self-paced Canvas course for faculty. For access, email

Learn more about an ongoing, systemwide program to reduce the cost of learning materials for students at the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions website.