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Enable Teaching, Research and Innovation

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Technology 2022-Vision: CSUN will be a leader among its peers in the application of technology to improve the quality of learning. CSUN will assist faculty to pilot leading technologies and pedagogies, access technology support to pursue their innovation ideas, and use data to evaluate student learning and enhance decision making. Instructional design and technology support will impact the greatest possible numbers of our students and faculty.

  • CSUN will continue to encourage and support faculty-led explorations of new technologies and pedagogy through an innovation process that includes forums, pilots, collaborative grant development, assessment and communication of outcomes.
  • Active learning spaces, support for simulations, and maker spaces will be added to increase experiential learning opportunities.
  • Course redesign and support services will be offered throughout the year and become more directly embedded in academic departments to improve student learning outcomes and enhance student engagement and achievement.
  • Support for research and scholarship, including by our students, will be enhanced by facilitating faculty and student access to public cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure), consortium (e.g., NSF's Extreme Digital program), blended with on-campus computational, storage, and data analysis resources.
  • Course level learning analytics will be provided to faculty to help track student learning and enable more self-directed, self-paced learning. 
  • CSUN will support the teaching and learning scholarship of the faculty and create opportunities for faculty research to inform the development of new learning technologies.