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Echo 360 Personal Capture

What is Echo 360 Personal Capture?

Echo 360 Personal Capture is an application that makes it easy to record your computer screen, audio and webcam video. With this technology you can create video lectures for integration in online and hybrid classes or capture your on-campus lectures so that your students can “rewind” your lecture to review the content. 

How do I get Echo 360 Personal Capture?

To get Echo 360 Personal Capture, send an email to         

What training is available at CSUN?

Training classes scheduled throughout the semester. Please check our Training Schedule for workshop dates and times. If you would like to request specialized training please contact the Faculty Technology Center. We also provide online tutorials and guides for many tools.

How can I learn more about Echo 360 Personal Capture?

Visit the Echo 360 website for demonstration movies, screenshots, and a QuickStart guide.

How can I get more help?

If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

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