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DocuSign at CSUN

Effective Friday, July 19, 2019,  Adobe Sign will replace DocuSign as CSUN's e-Signature platform. Please visit the Adobe Sign page for more information. 

DocuSign is a secure way to electronically sign documents at any time, from any device. Documents can be sent instantly to receive a quick turnaround on required signatures.

Documents such as contracts, non-confidential HR forms, authorization forms, and files can all be signed while being encrypted and tracked for auditing purposes. When you receive an email prompting you to “Review Document” you will be directed to the CSUN login page to enter your User ID and password before accessing the document.  Alternatively, you can always access DocuSign through the myNorthridge Portal by selecting the "Sign My Documents" link in the Technology pagelet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is DocuSign located in the myNorthridge portal?

Log in to the myNorthridge Portal, and select the "Sign My Documents" link in the Technology pagelet.

Can Level 1 Confidential Data be exposed on a DocuSign form?

Any intended exposure of Level 1 Confidential Data must have a Risk Assessment performed by the Information Security Officer in Information Technology and the Risk Assessment must be approved by the MPP Administrator in the College or Division before Level 1 data is exposed. 

Can I print the documents?

CSUN is going as paper-free as possible, but there is the ability to print the documents in DocuSign. View the downloading and printing instructions.

Who can request sender access in DocuSign?

Faculty and staff can request sender access. A CSUN student employee may request access only with manager approval.

Do I have access to DocuSign?

All CSUN employees have a basic DocuSign account that allows access to viewing and signing forms. However, in order to be able to access, prepare and send a form in DocuSign, a user must be a DocuSign "Sender." To request a "Sender" role, contact the IT Help Center at or 818-677-1400.

Who do I contact for support or questions about DocuSign?

IT Help Center

(818) 677–1400
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Can I use DocuSign for any form that needs signatures?

Department, college or division forms that are typically printed and signed should go through DocuSign. Paper-based forms that are typically sent by mail, email or campus mail that require a wet signature should transition to DocuSign.

*Note: Forms or documents containing Confidential Level 1 data should not be sent through DocuSign. 

Can I use my mobile device to sign a form?

Yes! DocuSign works from all major mobile devices and tablets.

Why do I see two DocuSign accounts?

Not all users will see two DocuSign accounts. Users who have used their CSUN email account for DocuSign in the past need may see the two different accounts. To log in, select the California State University, Northridge account and enter your CSUN User ID and password. 

Should the department use specific wording for DocuSign messages?

Using the DocuSign templates, it is a good idea to use specific wording that is consistent throughout the department. IT suggests adding the following information to the message(s):

Subject: (Name of Document [and Due Date, if applicable] )

Dear (Name of Recipient),

The (Name of Document) has been completed and requires your signature. To sign the document, please log in to the portal, find the Technology tab and select the "Sign My Documents" link. If you have any questions about this document, please do not hesitate to contact me.

(Name of Sender)