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Digitally Transform the Student Experience

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Technology 2022-Vision: CSUN students will experience the latest and emerging technologies and develop the digital skills required for their careers and lifelong learning. Intuitive online services and information that is easy to discover and understand will lower barriers to CSUN enrollment and degree completion.

  • CSUN will use technology to remove barriers to student success by making it easier for students to access resources, services, events and activities of the University that are personalized to their interests, goals, and location.    
  • CSUN will provide students with the opportunity to explore new and emerging technologies as part of their college experience to advance student career-readiness.
  • CSUN will leverage students’ mobile devices and artificial intelligence as means to access and personalize services (e.g., One Card), to improve the service experience.
  • CSUN will develop programs, curate online content, and deploy self-help tools to assist students’ development of the technology competencies they need in their coursework, leadership opportunities, and co-curricular programs.
  • Processes used by students will be integrated and organized in CSUN apps and portals around the activities and events they relate to, such as becoming a student, enrolling in courses, or preparing for graduation. Where feasible, processes will be automatically triggered based on what a student will need, without them needing to request it.