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CSUN Engagement Conference 2021


We are very pleased to announce that registration for the inaugural “CSUN Engagement Conference” is now open to all CSUN faculty.  The Engagement Conference seeks to inspire all CSUN faculty teaching in the online and hybrid environments by sharing innovation and practices that have worked in CSUN courses. This is a joint effort of Undergraduate Studies, the Office of Faculty Development, Academic Technology and the Faculty Technology Center to be held on Friday, October 29, 2021. The Zoom-based conference is a single day event from 10am - 2pm.

This conference is an inter-disciplinary event focused on the teaching practice and encourages collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.  The goal is to share and highlight the inspirational teaching taking place at CSUN. Several CSUN faculty have submitted proposals and we invite you to come hear from fellow faculty members about engaging CSUN students in the online and hybrid environments. The speaker sessions will consist of a 5-minute pre-recorded lightning talk about the topic/innovative practice followed by a live question and answer with attendees.


10:00 am: Welcome and Greetings

Ranjit Philip, Interim Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Elizabeth Adams, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Studies

10:10 am: Agenda & Procedures

10:25 am: Presentations - Round 1

Session 1A

Grishma Bhavsar, Health Sciences

Danielle Jarvis, Kinesiology

"Just H5P It: Creating Engaging and Interactive Activities"

Session 1B

Dinah Nucum, Communication Studies

"Crafting Assignment Instructions with Infographics"

Session 2A

Beth Jakubanis, Sociology

"Using a Video Quiz to Decrease Grading and Increase Student Learning and Engagement"

Session 2B

Amber Norwood, English

"Dynamic Module Overview"

10:55 am: Wellness break

11:00 am: Presentations - Round 2

Session 1A

Mike Lloyd, Marketing

"Utilizing Simulations to Connect Students with Real World Situations"

Session 1B

Tanya Wicks, Health Sciences

"Reflection Journal"

Session 2A

Amir Gharehgozli, Systems and Operations Management

"Chunking Down Theoretical Concepts to Multiple Recorded Videos Attractive to Today's Short Attention Span Minds"

Session 2B

Kunpeng Li, Systems and Operations Management

"Formulate Quizzes in Quantitative Courses"

Session 3A

Wendy W. Murawski, Special Education

Tori McPetrie, The University Corporation

Sheila Ramos, Grants and Contracts 

"Using Avatars for Skill-building across Disciplines"

Session 3B

Taehyun Kim, Journalism

"Weekly Video Letters as Lifeline"


11:45 am: Panel Discussion - HyFlex Faculty Experience

12:20 pm: Presentations - Round 3

Session 1A

Peter L. Bishay, Mechanical Engineering

"Enhancing Engineering Students' Understanding using 'The Geek's Live Scripts'"

Session 1B

Qin Sun, Marketing

"Exploring Student Engagement and Satisfaction with a Service-Learning Market Research Class"

Session 2A

Matthew Jackson, Theatre

"While We're Dark: Connecting Stage Managers and Students Through a Pandemic"

Session 2B

Carla Valdez, Health Sciences

"Using Canvas Studio to Add Quiz/Knowledge Check Questions to Your Recorded Lecturers"

Session 3A

Virginia (Gini) Vandergon, Biology

"Cool Formative Assessments with Google"

Session 3B

Steven H. Stumpf, Health Sciences

"Learning from the Teacher's Mistakes"

1 pm: Presentations - Round 4

Session 1A

Sean Keyani, Marketing

"Interactive Cases"

Session 1B

Jennifer Vargas Pemberton, Educational Psychology & Counseling

Ellen K. Edeburn, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

"A Trauma-Informed Framework for Active Learning Strategies"

Session 2A

David Daniel Bogumil, Sociology

"Dynamics of Group Interaction"

Session 2B

Joyce Marie Brusasco, Family & Consumer Sciences

"Creating a Welcome Video Discussion"

1:30 pm: Panel Discussion - Student Perspective on Engagement


Questions? Call the Faculty Technology Center at 818-677-3443 or email the Engagement Conference Committee Chair.

Detailed instructions and media regarding the format will be sent out upon proposal acceptance.