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CSUN Mobile App - Maps and GPS


In order to use location services on the CSUN map feature, you must enable GPS on your device to establish the best accuracy. All platforms (Android, iOS and Web) use Google Maps as their base map.

For Android Devices

  • From the home screen, go to Menu>Settings>Location Services and select Use GPS satellites.

For iOS Devices

  • From the home screen, go to Settings>Location Services and use the toggle button to switch from Off to On.

Settings screen.



In map view, your current location is depicted as a bright blue dot.

To enable your current location marker, select the navigation arrow located in the navigation bar at the bottom left hand side of your CSUN app screen.

Current location map.

Current location accuracy depends on the availability of location data. If your device is receiving location data from your cell ID rather than GPS or Wi-Fi, accuracy may be off by as much as several thousand meters. For this reason, your current location feature may not work properly. If your phone is not locating you within several meters of accuracy, you may want to contact your cellphone carrier to resolve this issue before using the CSUN map feature. 


To search for a location on campus, you can either enter the name of the building, office or department on the search box or select the list icon on the upper right hand side of the screen and browse the list of locations on campus. Once you have selected the location you wish to view, you will be able to navigate on the CSUN map or Google Maps app, get detailed and contact information for the specific location or even search for nearby places. Sharing the location or bookmarking the location can be done with a finger tap.


CSUN map directions default to driving. If you would like to retrieve walking directions using CSUN walkways, select to view the location on Google Maps app and select the walking person icon located in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Walking navigation map.

In spring 2015, an indoor mapping feature that enables you to guide to classrooms, restrooms and accessible walkways and entrances to buildings will become available.


Contact the IT Help Center by phone (818-677-1400), online at ( or in person (Oviatt Library, First Floor, Learning Commons).