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CSUN Mobile App - Enroll in Classes


You can now enroll in classes using the CSUN app. The app is native to iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 5.0 or later) and Android phones (Android 2.2 or later). You may use the Web version on tablets, laptops and desktop computers. To get the most out of the Enroll in Classes feature, view the following steps.


1. Launch the CSUN app. From the home screen, select Enroll in Classes.

CSUN App homescreen

2. Sign in with your CSUN user ID and password. If you’re enrolling in classes through The Tseng College, note the instructions on the screen.

CSUN App log in page

3. The Enroll in Classes screen displays. Icons in the top navigation bar include:

  • Home icon: Select to return to the app home screen
  • Quick-link icon: Select to return to the Enroll in Classes screen

If necessary, select the semester you want from the drop-down menu.

To search for classes, select Enroll.  

CSUN App screenshot

4. On the Enroll screen, search for classes using any of the three following options:

  • Browse Schedule: Use this option to find all courses offered for the term.
  • Advanced Search: Narrow your search by subject and academic career (undergraduate, graduate or noncredit).
  • Add by class number: Use this shortcut to add class section to your cart by entering its five-digit class number into the field. This option bypasses class details, so use it only if you are already familiar with the course requirements.

Select Browse Schedule.

CSUN App screenshot

5. Using Browse Schedule, choose the subject you want from the list (scroll if necessary), for example, ANTH: Anthropology.

CSUN App screenshot

6. The ANTH: Anthropology course list displays. Select the desired course, for example, ANTH 518, Lab Methods in Archaeology.

CSUN App screenshot

7. The ANTH 518 sections (01, 02, etc.) display. To bookmark ANTH 518 in Browse Schedule, just select the star icon.

Pick the section that fits your schedule. Select More details to view the class enrollment status (open or closed), waitlist capacity, prerequisites and corequisites, etc. 

CSUN App screenshot

8. The More details screen includes:

  • Class enrollment status (open or closed)
  • Number of waitlist seats available if class is closed
  • Prerequisites and corequisites
  • Special instructions
  • View/buy textbooks
  • Class location and meeting dates 

ANTH 518, a lecture course, requires concurrent enrollment in the corresponding lab, ANTH 518L. You will need to add both classes to your cart before enrolling. As a shortcut, jot down the lab’s five-digit class number, 18312, to be ready to add it later on.

CSUN App screenshot

9.  To add the ANTH 518-01 lecture class, go back to the previous screen using either the back button at the bottom of the CSUN app screen or the breadcrumb navigation.

Choose the ANTH 518 breadcrumb.

CSUN App screenshot

10. If you're eligible to enroll in the section, add it to your cart. Select the Add button.

CSUN App screenshot

11. If an Academic Career screen displays, select your student group—undergraduate, graduate or noncredit extension. Then choose Next.

CSUN App screenshot

12. The Add Class screen displays the class section you have selected. Here, you can wait-list if class is full, enter a permission number if required, and select the basis of grading. Tip: Consult your academic advisor BEFORE selecting Credit/No Credit Grading. Visit the Credit/No Credit grading page for more information. Choose Next to place the class in your cart.

CSUN App screenshot

13. ANTH 518-01 displays in your cart; a green check mark indicates success. You are not yet enrolled!

If the class you’re adding doesn't have a co-requisite, you can finish enrolling at this point by choosing Submit Cart or continue to search for more classes.

Before you finish enrolling in ANTH 518, you must add the co-requisite lab to your cart.

  • If you forgot to jot down the co-requisite’s five-digit class number from the More details screen, you must go back to the Browse Schedule and look up the class again.
  • If you jotted down the five-digit class number from the More details page, enter it into the Add by class number box and select Add. Then repeat steps 10-12 above.

CSUN App screenshot

14. A green check mark confirms that you’ve successfully added the co-requisite to your cart. After you’ve placed all the courses you want and their co-requisites in your cart, select Submit Cart to finish enrolling.

CSUN App screenshot

15. The Statement of Financial Responsibility displays. Review the policies and payment due dates. To continue, select Accept and Register.  

CSUN App Statement of Financial Responsibility

16. The CSUN app will confirm success for your enrollment request or report an error. An error message identifies the problem: Do you meet course requirements? Do you have a schedule conflict? Did you mistype a permission number?

  • If an error message displays, fix the problem and repeat the steps to add the class.
  • If the issue persists, contact your instructor, the department offering the class, or Admissions and Records for assistance.

After you’ve successfully enrolled, you can:

  • Add more classes by selecting Return to Registration.
  • View your schedule by selecting the quick-link icon at the top of the screen.

CSUN App screenshot

17. Once back on the Enroll in Classes screen, select My Classes to view your registered and waitlisted classes.

CSUN App screenshot

18. Your schedule displays. Select a class to view.

CSUN App screenshot

19. On the Class screen, you can:  

  • View/buy textbooks
  • Find classroom locations
  • Swap one class for another
  • Drop classes 

When finished, choose Sign Out from the bottom of the screen.

CSUN App screenshot

20. When the login screen displays, select Sign Out again. To learn more about protecting the personal data on your device, visit the Information Protection page.

CSUN App screenshot


Contact the IT Help Center by phone at (818) 677-1400 or online.