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Course Redesign Institute

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About this Webpage

This page provides historical information on the Summer Course Redesign Institutes offered from 2012 to 2014. The FTC now offers eLearning Institutes as part of eLearning projects and grants. Learn more at the eLearning site.

About the 2012-2014 Course Redesign Institutes

The goal of the Course Redesign Institute was to jumpstart the process as CSUN faculty members redesigned their face-to-face courses for hybrid, online, or technology-enhanced delivery. At the Institute, faculty from across the campus worked alongside each other to:

  • Compare online/hybrid course design with face-to-face
  • Identify ways to incorporate technology into their teaching 
  • Select technology-based instructional strategies to enhance learning
  • Develop a course worksheet for your redesigned class
  • Apply best practices to redesigning course elements

Underlying the Institute was a set of nine design principles called QOLT (Quality in Online Learning and Teaching) which ensure that online courses are designed from student perspectives.

Institute Highlights

The 2014 Summer Course Redesign Institute consisted of two weeks of face-to-face sessions from June 6 through June 20. Graduates of the program continued to receive personalized support throughout the summer. To learn more about what took place at the 2014 Course Redesign Institute, view an interactive timeline:

screenshot of a timeline of events

To hear from past participants about their experiences, view the 2013 Course Redesign Institute video: