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What is Collaborate?

Formerly "Elluminate," Blackboard Collaborate can be used to create an online classroom in real time with voice–over IP, talking head, application sharing, PowerPoint, video, web tours, closed captioning, and more. Collaborate sessions can be archived to create tutorials that students can access on demand.

How do I get Collaborate and schedule a session?

Collaborate is fully integrated into Moodle. From within Moodle, you can select Collaborate Live! Session as an activity from the Add an activity dropdown menu.

To get a Collaborate session to be used independent of Moodle, contact the Faculty Technology Center.

How do I use Collaborate?

To begin using Collaborate, first go to the Collaborate Support site to determine whether you have the required Java software. This is especially important for first-time users.

It is recommended that you have a headset with earphones and microphone. The headset should be connected to your computer and working before you start up Collaborate (sometimes you may have to reboot your computer to get the headset to work). Collaborate also has the capability of transmitting video via webcam.

What training is available at CSUN?

Collaborate training classes are scheduled throughout the semester and include Collaborate Live! – Using a Synchronous Web Conferencing Environment (Introduction) and Collaborate Live! – Using Advanced Tools in a Web Conferencing Environment (Advanced – Sessions are Held Online). Please check our Training Schedule for workshop dates and times. If you would like to request specialized training please contact the Faculty Technology Center. We also provide online tutorials and guides for many tools.

How can I learn more about Collaborate?

The Collaborate website features an On-Demand Learning Center that includes a library of recorded training and documentation.

The site also features a Self Help Portal with a Knowledge Base and Live Help.

How can I get more help?

If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

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