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Artificial Intelligence Tools and Resources

The five companies below (among others) offer AI tools that are free for teaching-and-learning use. Many offer demos and are an excellent way to way to help you understand what the tools can do by either reading about them, or trying them hands-on. 


Amazon Recognition Image - Deep learning-based image analysis

Amazon Recognition Video - Deep learning-based video analysis

Amazon Lex - Build chatbots to engage customers

Amazon Comprehend - Discover insights and relationships in text

Amazon Translate - Fluent translation of text            

Amazon Transcribe - Automatic speech recognition          

Amazon Polly - Natural sounding text to speech


Train Custom Machine Learning Models - Train machine learning models through transfer learning and neural architecture search

Large Scale Machine Learning Service - Build machine learning models

Job Search and Discovery - Provide intuitive job search that anticipates what job seekers are looking for

Create conversational experiences - Build conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

Video Analysis - Make videos searchable and discoverable; search every moment of every video file

Image Analysis - Understand the concept of an image

Speech Recognition - Convert audio to text by applying neural network models 

Text Analysis - Reveal the structure and meaning of text

Dynamic Translation - Translate an arbitrary string into any language


Conversation - Build and deploy chatbots and virtual agents 

Discovery - Uncover connections in data by combining automated ingestion with advanced AI functions

Speech to Text (STT) - Easily convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of content

Text to Speech (TTS) - Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices

Language Translator -  Dynamically translate news, patents or conversational documents

Natural Language Classifier - Interpret and classify natural language with confidence

Natural Language Understanding - Analyze text to extract metadata from content such as concepts, entities and sentiment

Visual Recognition - Tag, classify and search visual content using machine learning

Tone Analyzer - Analyze emotions and tones in written content

Personality Insights - Predict personality characteristics, needs, and values through written text


Computer Vision - Distill actionable information from images

Face Detect - Detect, identify, analyze, organize, and tag faces in photos

Content Moderator - Automated image, text, and video moderation

Emotion Recognition - Personalize user experiences with emotion recognition

Custom Vision Service - Customize your own computer vision models for your unique use case

Video Indexer - Unlock video insights

Recommendations - Predict and recommend items your customers want

Academic Knowledge Discovery - Tap into a wealth of academic content in the Microsoft Academic Graph

Knowledge Exploration Service - Enable interactive search experiences over structured data via natural language inputs

Question and Answer Maker - Distill information into conversational, easy-to-navigate answers

Entity Linking Intelligence Service - Power your app's data links with named entity recognition and disambiguation

Custom Decision Service - A cloud-based, contextual decision-making API that sharpens with experience

Language Understanding - Teach your apps to understand commands from your users

Text Analytics - Easily evaluate sentiment and topics to understand what users want

Spell Check - Detect and correct spelling mistakes in your app

Translator Text - Easily conduct machine translation with a simple REST API call

Web Language Model - Use the power of predictive language models trained on web-scale data

Linguistic Analysis - Simplify complex language concepts and parse text with the Linguistic Analysis API 

Translator Speech - Conduct real-time speech translation with a simple REST API call

Speaker Recognition - Use speech to identify and authenticate individual speakers

Speech Conversion - Convert speech to text and back again to understand user intent

Custom Speech Service - Overcome speech recognition barriers like speaking style, background noise, and vocabulary

Autosuggest - Give your app intelligent auto-suggest options for searches

Image Search - Search for images and get comprehensive results

News Search - Search for news and get comprehensive results 

Video Search - Search for videos and get comprehensive results

Web Search - Get enhanced search details from billions of web documents

Custom Search - An easy-to-use, ad-free, commercial-grade search tool that lets you deliver the results you want

Entity Search - Enrich your experiences by identifying and augmenting entity information from the web


Create chatbots - use a range of tools to create bots that can interact

Create a custom component - using these specialized tools