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AWS Educate

AWS Educate 

Welcome to the AWS Educate Guide! This page aims to provide comprehensive information for educators and students interested in utilizing the resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance their learning experience in cloud technology. AWS Educate is student-centric, where students create accounts to explore cloud career pathways and earn badges. Follow below steps to enroll in AWS Educate: 

Step 1: Access the AWS Educate website and select the Register now button. 

Register now button.

Step 2: Complete the information requested on the AWS Educate Application form. When done, select the Create Account button at the bottom of the form.

AWS application form fields.


Bottom of AWS form, create account button.

Step 3: After creating an account, check your registered email and select the verify your email button to complete your AWS educate account registration. 

Verify your email button.

Step 4: After successful registration, you will receive a welcome email from AWS Educate Support. Follow the link in email to set your password and begin your learning journey. 

AWS set your password screen.

Step 5: For first-time sign-ins without an initially set password or for users who forgot the password, access AWS Educate sign-in page and select the Forgot password link, below the sign-in form to set your password. 

AWS sign in window.

Then, provide the registered email id and select the Send Password Reset Email button. 

Send Password Reset Email button.

Now, check your email and click on the provided link from AWS Educate support to set/reset your password.

Click here to set your password link.

Note: This process may change or the web pages may be updated from time-to-time. If you have any questions, please contact IT Help Center.

AWS Educate as an Educator 

Please note that effective July 27th, 2021, all educator functionality has been migrated from AWS Educate to AWS Academy, including Cloud9. Teachers are now required to invite students to AWS Academy for Cloud9 access. Students will then accept the invitation and create their AWS Academy accounts accordingly. For more information on account migration refer to the clarification provided in the following document:

AWS Academy and AWS Educate Teacher Guide (.pdf)

Also, feel free to reach out to AWS support with any questions.