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AIx Past Activities

Machine hand, and human hand.

Fall 2018:

Friday, 11/16 – Tim Tiemann (12 noon - 1:30 PM, Oviatt Library, Ferman Presentation Room

Tim Tiemann, Amazon Alexa Fellow and the Managing Director of the CSUN Innovation Incubator will be presenting. Artificial Intelligence has, and will continue to become an intimate part of our society. What would happen if students started applying it to improve how society functions? Join a collection of students and faculty willing to engage this challenge! No coding experience needed, just a desire to improve one area you care about. Homeless services, sustainability, consent, improving voter information and turnout; almost any area you care about can be addressed. Lunch will be provided

Friday, 10/26 – Mary Bellard (12 noon - 1:30 PM, Oviatt 30)

Mary Bellard is the Senior Accessibility Architect at Microsoft. There, she leads the accessibility innovation program to bring more inclusive and revolutionary ideas to market. Previously, she strategized the overall accessibility training curriculum for employees and external partners to drive progress in usable experiences for everyone. Mary played a key role in developing the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk when she joined the company in 2014 and has worked as an advocate for the disability community for more than 10 years. 

Spring 2018:

Wednesday, 3/7 - AI and Ethics  The ability for computers to make decisions raises a host of ethical questions. How do we help machines guard against bias? Inequality? Use for nefarious reasons? Breach of civil rights? Join this discussion to explore. Facilitated by Rob Gressis, Philosophy Department

Thursday, 4/12 - AI and Assistive Technology — Learn about how artificial intelligence can transform the user interface for all users, above and beyond assistive technology applications, to create a universally seamless communication flow between humans and machines. Facilitated by Li Liu, Computer Science Department. Rescheduled from 4/5. 

Monday, 4/23 - AI and Chatbots — Chatbots are a primary application of AI and with virtual assistants may transform our interactions with machines. Learn about the range and depth of these human companions. Facilitated by Kyle Shaver, Information Technology. Rescheduled from 3/21

Wednesday, 5/2 - AI and Research — Learn about the wealth of AI-related problems and research opportunities that are available to CSUN faculty and can now be now be tackled with available AI tools. Facilitated by Crist Khachikian, Research & Graduate Studies