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AI Jam 2024

AI Jam 2024

CSUN AI Jam 2024

We are excited to announce CSUN AI Jam 2024, a student competition designed for teams of up to three students to apply Artificial Intelligence in addressing real-world challenges on our campus. This competition will challenge students to identify a campus problem, explore possible AI-based solutions, and propose a plan to implement the solution.

Participation in AI Jam provides students with the opportunity to showcase their skills while proposing innovative solutions to enhance campus life. The competition aims to promote creativity, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of the evolving impact of AI in our daily lives.


Monetary prizes will be shared by the team. 

  • 1st place - $1,500 and the opportunity for one semester of student employment with the CSUN Information Technology team to help bring their vision to life.

  • 2nd place - $1,000 

  • 3rd place - $500 

How to Register for the AI Jam 

To register to compete in the CSUN AI Jam, please complete the following two steps by 12:00 pm on Friday, March 15, 2024: 

Step 1: Self-enroll in the CSUN AI Jam 2024 Canvas Course 

  • To self-enroll, visit the following link and follow the instructions: 

  • We recommend you do this as soon as possible so that you have access to the full competition guidelines and student resources 

  • The Canvas course also contains forums to ask questions and to help find team members 

Step 2: Submit Your Competition Registration within the Canvas Course 

  • Once enrolled in the Canvas course, the next step to enter the competition is to identify your team members and the general problem or issue you plan to address 

  • Once you have this information, one member of the team must submit your registration by using the Competition Registration assignment in the Canvas course 

  • The deadline for registration is 12:00pm on March 15, 2024

Proposal Guidelines 

Following registration, teams will have until 12:00pm on Friday, April 12, 2024 to submit their proposals. During this time, you will need to further examine your problem, explore possible solutions, and develop your proposal. 

The primary submission format for proposals is a video, not to exceed 5 minutes. Within the video, teams should address the following: 

  • Introduction and Problem Description 

  • Solution Concept 

  • Implementation Plan  

  • Demonstration (Optional) 

Additional proposal guidelines and judging criteria can be found in the the AI Jam 2024 Canvas Course.


  • March 6 - CSUN AI Jam 2024 Kickoff
  • March 15 @ 12pm (Noon) - Deadline to Register for the Competition
  • March 15 to April 12 - Participants Develop Proposals
  • April 12 @ 12pm (Noon) - Deadline to Submit Proposal
  • April 13 to April 17 - Judges Evaluate Proposals
  • April 19 - Winners Announced at Digital Equity Day Event

Kickoff Event

The AI Jam 2024 Kickoff Event was held on March 6, 2024. If you weren’t able to attend, you may view the recording here: AI Jam 2024 Kickoff.

Communication Access Services (CAS)

To request Communication Access Services (CAS) such as sign language interpreters or transcribers please contact the NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at