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New Ways to Access Microsoft Office Files

Office Apps for iOs (Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

There are two new ways for CSUN faculty and staff to access the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote): 1) from a web browser and 2) from an iPhone or iPad. 

From a web browser 

From a web browser, log in to myCSUNbox, or to the Microsoft Services login page.


Create, edit, and save Microsoft Office files directly to your myCSUNbox account by following these steps: 

  1. Log in to myCSUNbox account.
  2. From your list of files, select the more options arrow.

    More options.

  3. Select Open with.
  4. Select Word Online, Excel Online, or PowerPoint Online. See image below.

Open with.., option.

You can also launch a Microsoft Office application when you are previewing a file: 

  1. When previewing a file, select Open with Word, Open with Excel, or Open with PowerPoint. 
  2. Select Microsoft Word Online, Microsoft Excel Online, or Microsoft PowerPoint Online. See image below. 

Open with Microsoft Word Online option.

Office Online Suite

Microsoft Office Online allows you to create and edit files directly to Microsoft's storage solution, OneDrive; however, please note that, myCSUNbox is CSUN's storage solution. 

To access the Office Online suite, visit the Microsoft Services login page and sign in with your CSUN user ID and password. Once you are signed in, select the Apps icon Apps icon.  at the top left-hand corner.

Screenshot of the apps available in Office 365.  


From an iPhone or iPad

Create, edit and save Office files directly to your myCSUNbox account from an iPhone or iPad. You do not have to pay for any additional apps to be able to edit Office files from your iPhone or iPad. Instead, install the Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for free. 

To get started, be sure to install the Box for iPhone and iPad app, and log in with your CSUN user ID and password, before you proceed with installing the Office Apps. 

Installing Office Apps

  1. Go to the App store and search for Microsoft WordMicrosoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Install the apps you plan to use.
  3. Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  4. Enter your CSUN email address
  5. Select work account
  6. Enter your CSUN log in information, then press Enter. Please note that you will only need to log in to one of the Office Apps because your login information will be stored for any others. 

Connecting Office Apps to myCSUNbox

  1. In any of the Office apps, select Open from the options at the bottom.  
  2. Select the more option. 
  3. Select Locations. 
  4. Select the more option again. 
  5. Toggle the Box option to On and select done
  6. If you do not see the Box passcode prompt, select Locations again, and select Box
  7. The file list displays.
  8. Open, edit and save existing files as needed. 

Training and Tutorials 

All CSUN students, faculty and staff have access to the LinkedIn Learning library, which offers an extensive collection for Microsoft Office. To access the library, visit LinkedIn Learning and sign in with your CSUN user ID and password. You can also visit the Microsoft Office Training and Tutorials website

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