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Academic Technology Fellows

Current Academic Technology Fellows

kaitlin O'Keefe Bahr Profile Picture


 Kaitlin O'Keefe Bahr

  Department of Health Sciences


Stefanie Drew Profile Picture


  Stefanie Drew

  Department of Psychology


 John Kephart Profile Picture

  John Kephart III

  Department of Communication Studies


Kenneth Luna Profile Picture


  Kenneth Luna

  Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
  Department of Linguistics/TESL



Mary-Pat Stein Profile Picture 

  Mary-Pat Stein

  Department of Biology



 carla Valdez Profile Picture 

  Carla Valdez

  Department of Health Sciences




Former Academic Technology Fellows

 Cecile Bendavid -- Department of Computer Science

 David Blumenkantz -- Department of Journalism

 Sloane Burke -- Department of Health Sciences

 Cheryl Van Buskirk -- Department of Biology

 Sandra Chong -- Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

 Barry Cleveland -- Department of Theatre

 Ovande Furtado, Jr. -- Department of Kinesiology

 Aimie Kachingwe -- Department of Physical Therapy

 Gretchen Macchiarella -- Department of Liberal Studies

 Melissa Lalum -- Department of Journalism

 Bonnie Paller -- Department of Philosophy

 Jeanne Robertson -- Department of Biology

 Talin Saroukhanian-- Department of Political Science

 Mary Schaffer -- Department of Cinema and Television Arts

 Lori Baker-Schena -- Department of Journalism

 Ashley Skylar-- Department of Special Education

 Paul Wilson -- Department of Biology