Resources (On- and Off-Campus)

On-Campus Resources

On-Campus Resources


  • University Student Union (USU)-F4 on the CSUN map
    Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank: outside first floor of the Sol Center Wells Fargo Branch: next to Subway in USU
  • Satellite Student Union (SSU)-G9 on the CSUN map
    Citibank: across from La Tienda Wells Fargo: outside Geronimo's Dining Hall
  • Sierra Center-C3 on the CSUN map
    Wells Fargo: near east exit

Eating On Campus

  • University Student Union (USU)-F4 on the CSUN map
    • The Pub Sports Grill
    • Freudian Sip- Coffee Shop
    • Mercantile Exchange- Convenience Store
    • Subway Sandwiches
  • Satellite Student Union (SSU)-G9 on the CSUN map
    • Geronimo's Dining Hall- Cafeteria
    • La Tienda- Convenience Store
  • Sierra Center-C3 on the CSUN map, north of Sierra Hall, west of Jerome Richfield Hall
    • Sierra Marketplace- pizza, chinese food, sandwiches
    • Freudian Sip- Coffee Shop
  • Matador Food Court-E2 on the CSUN map, inside the Matador Bookstore Complex
    • El Pollo Loco- Grilled Chicken
    • Panda Express- Chinese Food
    • Juice It Up- Smoothies
    • Mercantile Exchange- Convenience Store
  • The Arbor Court-D5 on the CSUN map, east of Education, north of Oviatt Library
    • Arbor Grill and Convenience Store
    • Freudian Sip- Coffee Shop

You can also visit the Campus Dining page to explore where you can get food and drinks.

Off-Campus Resources