POST OPT Students: Report Direct Relationship Between Employment and the Major Area of Study

Per Immigration regulations, F-1 students on APPROVED POST OPT are required to report their employment information and any changes in their personal information, employment information, and employment relation to the major area of study on BOTH SEVP Portal and this Online Report Form within 10 days from the day of the change(s). Failure to do so may affect your OPT status.

Note: Make sure to submit one form per employer.

Please read and complete this form accurately.


  1. Open a separate window of your internet browser and log into your SEVP Portal account.
  2. Keep your SEVP Portal open to make sure the information you will enter in this form matches with the information on your SEVP Portal.
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Information About You:

(You may find this number on top left corner of your OPT I-20, beginning with N00-10 digits)

Current U.S. Physical Address (where you live):

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