New Student Checklist

New Admitted Students Checklist for F1 Students

The checklist should be completed in this order once you have been admitted to CSUN.

Before Your Arrival to the United States

A. Complete Steps 1-5 of the 6-STEPS Mandatory Immigration Session for F-1 Students 

B. Get your CSUN I-20 from the International Admissions and Evaluations office

C. Apply for the F-1 Visa in your home country (if applicable).

A Visa is a stamp or sticker placed in your passport at a U.S. consulate or embassy outside the United States. You must make sure that your visa is valid for your entry or re-entry into the United States. An expired visa must be renewed at a U.S. consulate or embassy outside of the U.S. prior to travel. A visa is only a permit to enter the United States. Information on visa applications and U.S. embassies is available at
Students are responsible for paying all required fees. 

The SEVIS fee for F-1 applicants is $350 and the SEVIS fee for J-1 exchange visitors is $220.  Please verify whether you need to pay this fee when applying for your visa. Information on the SEVIS I-901 fee is available at

I-901 Fee Payment Tutorial provides a step-by-step guide of the required payment process for the I-901 SEVIS Fee, including the information you must submit and what to do once you have completed payment on  

IESC does not require ANY fees for the services it provides to international students. No fees, under any circumstances, shall be submitted to IESC.

D. Academic Advisement & Enrolling in your First Semester Classes

As a First time freshmen and first time transfer undergraduate student, you must contact the HUB International for your initial academic advising and enrollment in your first semester classes. For continuing advising you must contact your academic advisor in your academic advising center. If you are a graduate student, you must contact your academic advisor in your academic department. Visit the Academic Advisement page for your academic advisement center's contact information. Email or call your academic advisor in your major department regarding selection of classes. Be sure to refer to the University Catalog for a description of courses. Be prepared to discuss any questions you might have regarding your academic program with your academic advisor.

E.  Math Selection Assessment Exam (MSA)

New freshman international students are recommended to take the MSA exam to determine their placement in math for the first semester.  Some new transfer students may also be recommended to take the MSA exam based on their major degree requirements.  If you are recommended to take the MSA exam, information will be sent to you via your CSUN email from the Department of Mathematics.  For any questions about your eligibility for the MSA, or if you are recommended for the MSA, contact the HUB International

F. Pay Your Registration and Tuition Fees

Visit the Student Finance page for payment options and fee deadlines. Students who do not meet the payment deadline will be dropped from their classes. IESC does not require any fees for the services it provides to international students. No fees, under any circumstances, shall be submitted to IESC.

G. Required Health Insurance Coverage

All international students are required to have Health Insurance coverage.  Please click here to purchase the pre-approved policy offered by JCB Insurance Solutions.  Type CSUN in the search box and select your plan year and your student category (i.e. International Students). This policy meets the health insurance requirements as mandated by the California State University Chancellor's Office.  Note:  If you are a government sponsored student, scan and email your Financial Guarantee as proof of health insurance coverage to Your financial guarantee must be valid for the entire semester/s that you are planning to attend.  Please include your first name, last name and CSUN ID number in the subject line of the email.  The foreign hold is connected to the health insurance coverage.  A foreign hold is placed on every student’s registration at the beginning of each semester. Proof of valid health insurance will be used to clear the foreign hold from all future registrations.

H. Clear Any Remaining Registration Holds With Each Department

Visit the Registration Guide for more information regarding registration, deadlines, and holds. Also, find out how to remove your foreign hold here

I. Make your Living Arrangements in the U.S.

Housing options:
Start your housing arrangements early to secure a living accommodations in the U.S. for your arrival.  The following options are available through CSUN student housing:
On-campus housing:
Most students prefer to live in CSUN housing as it is conveniently located near the library and other university premises. Please access Student Housing for complete information regarding CSUN housing. If you signed a housing contract, the early move-in date is generally the Friday before classes begin. Should you choose to arrive earlier, please fill out the online Request for Check-In Extension form when you long into your Student Housing Portal.  For any further information, please contact DaVon Henson, Housing Coordinator at (818) 677-2160.

For a virtual housing tour and housing videos of CSUN Student Housing, click here

Off-campus housing:

Students can use online resources to find off-campus housing. Please exercise caution in your search as CSUN will not take responsibility for any arrangements made by students. Please click on the links below to view some options.

J. Book your Flight Ticket

    1. The earliest date you can arrive to the U.S. is 30 days prior to the program start date listed in the section titled "Program of Study" on page #1 of your CSUN I-20.

    2. The last date that you can enter the U.S. is on the program start date listed in the section titled "Program of study" on page #1 of your CSUN I-20.

  • Please keep your original immigration documents (i.e. printed CSUN I-20, valid passport, and valid F1 visa) with you in your carry-on bag so that you can show them to the U.S. Port of Entry Officer at the U.S. airport.

K. Check Transportations to Get to CSUN

Transportation from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to CSUN:

Students have the following options:

  1. The FLYAWAY bus, which can be boarded outside each terminal at LAX. It departs every half-hour (24hrs) and goes non-stop to the Flyway Bus Terminal at Van Nuys, California. Travel time is 50 minutes and cost is approximately $9.75 one way. Take a taxi from the Van Nuys Terminal to the CSUN campus. Please visit the LAX FlyAway Bus webpage for more information.

  2. Taxis are available from LAX to CSUN and cost approximately $35 to $75. Authorized Taxicab Supervision (ATS) (323) 776-5324 L.A. Taxi/United Checker Cab (877) 201-8294 . You may also visit Los Angeles Yellow Cab for services and other information.

  3. A shuttle van is also available outside each terminal at LAX. These vans carry several passengers and make several stops. Board the San Fernando Valley shuttle. The estimated cost is approximately $19-$77 and the estimated travel time is one to one and one half hours. Advance reservations can be made at the Super Shuttle website.

    If you are staying in CSUN housing, the address is 17950 Lassen Street, Northridge. Once the taxi driver takes you to your destination, make sure not to keep her/him waiting as they will charge you for any time spent servicing you.


After Your Arrival to the United States

Arrival Information for International Students

You are required to arrive in the United States and complete Step 6-Mandatory New Student  Check-in with a foreign student advisor at the IESC no later than the program start date printed in the section titled "Program of Study" on page #1 of the CSUN I-20. Failure to report to the IESC and provide required documents will result in the automatic termination of your SEVIS record by immigration.

A. Complete the 6-STEPS Immigration Requirements Process

(Step 6 of the Immigration Requirements for F1 Students). All new admits must attend a Virtual Reporting session with an IESC International Student Advisor, and must scan copies of their Step 6 documents to .  The IESC is located in the University Student Union, Building C.

B.    Attend the International Student Orientation

Visit the New Student Orientation website to register. (Step 5 of the 6-STEPS Immigration Requirements for F1 Students)

Please note that the orientation is separate from the IESC Mandatory New Student Reporting Requirement.

C. Attend your Classes

Check for the official start date of classes on the Registration Calendar by clicking on the semester you will attend.

Please visit our website on a regular basis for the most up-to-date information.