Japan — Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Ryukoku University has three campuses in and around Kyoto.
These campuses are within easy reach of each other so you should be able to commute between the three campuses.

  • Fukakusa, located in southern Kyoto, is the main campus. The International Center and all the Japanese Culture and Language Programs (JCLP) classes are located on this campus. The Faculties of Economics, Business Administration, Law, Policy Science, and lower level courses in the Faculty of Letters are located here.
  • Seta campus is located in Shiga prefecture, and is the newest and largest campus. This is where the Japanese and Asian Studies (JAS) program and the Faculties of Sociology, Science and Technology, and Intercultural Communication are located.
  • Omiya is the original campus (founded in 1639), and is located in central Kyoto. This is where the upper level courses in the Faculty of Letters are taught.

Location: 67 Tsukamoto-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8577, Japan

There are free shuttle buses between the campuses throughout the day (15 minutes travel time between Fukakusa and Omiya, 45 minutes travel time between Fukakusa and Seta).

Duration of exchange: One academic year (the program begins in the fall)


The school's dormitories are available for exchange students. Exchange students are placed in one of five university dormitories, namely the Ryukoku International House, Mukaijima Gakusei Center, Lumiere Mamiya, Omiya-so and Tomoiki International House. There are Japanese student tutors in each dorm to help you during your stay in Ryukoku University. If you are going to stay in our dormitory, please fill in the attached Dormitory Application Form and turn it in before the deadline.

Bedding is also available for rental. Bedding rental includes the supply and regular cleaning of futons (mattress and quilt), sheets, pillow and pillowcase. The rental and cleaning fee for one year is ¥14,000 and ¥8,000 per semester. If you are going to rent bedding please fill in the attached forms and turn it in to us before the deadline.

  • Dormitories and rooms will be allocated by Ryukoku University and requests to change rooms or dormitories will not be accepted.
  • For those who wish to enter the JAS program, you will be automatically allocated a room in Lumiere Mamiya (Seta).
  • Please refer to the following website for more information regarding the student dormitories:

Pick-up service provided upon arrival: Students who arrive on designated dates are met at the airport by Ryukoku students.

Academic Information

The university offers two programs:

  • Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP) on the Fukakusa campus, taught in Japanese

For students who wish to enter the JCLP, there is a minimum requirement of 300 hours of previous Japanese language studies, or language ability equivalent to Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Students who wish to take JCLP classes at Ryukoku will be asked to take a Japanese language placement test specifically designed for our program (including an interview) with the Japanese instructors to decide which classes they will be placed in. (From Level 2 to Level 6, Level 6 being the highest level.)

  • Japanese and Asian Studies (JAS) program on the Seta campus, taught in English

If students do not meet the basic requirements for JCLP, they should register for the JAS program, in which all classes are conducted in English. 

Language of instruction: The language of instruction in the JCLP is Japanese. The language of instruction in the JAS is English.


  • Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP), conducted on the FUKAKUSA Campus

This is an intensive language program taught in Japanese, with additional courses on Japanese culture, politics, economics, etc. offered to international students. Students with sufficient Japanese ability may take a combination of one or two regular undergraduate courses with JCLP language courses. A basic requirement of 300 hours of Japanese studies or a minimum Level 3 or N4 achieved on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is required of applicants who wish to apply for the JCLP. 

The decision regarding which Japanese classes you can register for is based on the results of your placement test. Depending on your Japanese Language ability you will be able to decide the number of JCLP classes or faculty classes that you would like to take. Please take note when you fill in your "Preferred Faculty/Course of study", there are some classes you may not register for, such as those with a limit on the number of students, lessons listed as ‘zemi', etc. 

Also, please be aware that most of the faculty classes are conducted in Japanese. All international students will be assigned an academic advisor who is an instructor or faculty member of Ryukoku University. Please consult your academic advisor about the classes you would like to register for before you actually do so. The requirement to maintain the status of an international student status in Japan is a minimum registration of 16 credits per semester. Please check with your own university regarding which Ryukoku University classes you would need to register for in order for them to be recognized by your home university.

  • Japanese and Asian Studies (JAS), conducted on the Seta Campus

This program is taught in English. The JAS Program at Ryukoku University offers students with little (less than 300 hours) or no Japanese background a unique opportunity to study Japanese and Asian culture including Buddhism and other Asian religions, Japanese literature, theater, society, economics and politics. Courses are on Seta Campus (Shiga Prefecture). No Japanese language ability is required of applicants who wish to apply for the JAS program.

Credit and grading system: Any academic credits received during the course of the program may be transferred to CSUN as pre-approved by the academic department. Ryukoku University offers a grading system similar to the U.S. system of A, B, C, D, and F.

16 units must be taken per semester.

Requirements and Application Information

  • Have a cumulative overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Have completed a minimum of 30 units at CSUN (or transfer) and must be currently a CSUN undergraduate student. Sophomore-, junior- or senior-level standing.
  • For JCLP program, four semesters of Japanese is required
  • Additional requirement: One Japan-related course (e.g. FLIT 250, FLIT 370, FLIT 402, or other Japan-related courses)

Please email for an application. Please complete and submit program application by the deadline indicated on the application to the International and Exchange student Center.


For program and application information, please contact Besnike Saitoski,, at the International and Exchange Student Center.

For additional program information, you may contact the following faculty member:

Dr. Drake Langford, Modern and Classical Languages and Literature Department
(818) 677-3460