Instituto Franklin-UAH

Instituto Franklin-UAH is a University Research Institution with the mission of bringing the US and Spain together through research and academic programs on the area of Translatlantic studies, Hispanic Communities in the US, Study Abroad and Bilingual Education.
Universidad de Alcalá, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the Comunidad de Madrid in Spain. Our university is one of the few universities that has been recognized as a World Historical Site. Instituto Franklin, with 30 years of experience in the field of Study Abroad holds a great expertise and reputation both nationally and internationally.

Instituto Franklin offers Financial Assistance for students in both Semester and Summer programs. Because California State University (Northridge) is a HACU member institution, students will be eligible for up to a 15% cut on the cost of the semester programs. For the summer, the cost of the program will also be reduced to 2,575€ (for the one month program) or 4.280€ (for the two month program).

To be eligible for this financial assistance students will have to indicate that they are CSUN students when requesting information about the program.

1. Study Abroad in Spain Umbrella program for Undergraduate Study Abroad Students. We offer courses in up to 6 different academic areas of study including Spanish & Humanities, Translation, International Business, International Studies, Service Learning & Education and Health Studies. Courses are offered both in English and Spanish in ALL areas. Students can gain up to 12 US credits per semester and it is very affordable for students. We offer fall and spring programs and also intensive summer sessions in June and July or 8 week summer program (June & July) where students can gain up to 12 credits.

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2. International Studies. This is a 90 day program focused on Transatlantic Studies. It is an intensive Spring Semester program and students receive 12 US credits. It runs from January through March. All courses are taught by international faculty from both the US & Europe. All courses are offered in English. Students do not need to get a student visa to participate in this program.

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