Information Sessions

Welcome to the Study Abroad and Exchange Information Sessions page! Here you will find resources to help you navigate your way to the study abroad/exchange experience that is just right for you! For those who are unfamiliar with our programs, please begin with our “Introduction to Studying Away” video. This will allow you to learn about the programs that are offered through this office, how to navigate our website and how to get in touch with the right advisor. Once you have viewed the introduction video, or if you are already aware of the programs offered, please continue to the program-specific videos that can be found below or sign up for an in-office Information Session.

Congratulations on taking your first steps toward studying abroad, we look forward to helping you get to your desired destination! 



California State University International Programs (CSUIP) Information Session

To access the text from the CSU IP information session, click here

National Student Exchange (NSE) Information Session

To access the text from the NSE information session, click here

Campus-Based Exchange Programs (CBEP) Information Session

Fulbright Information Sessions

Information Session Schedule

Fall 2017 Information Sessions

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