Incoming NSE Students

I look forward to meeting you soon. In preparation for your arrival at CSUN, please see the advice and information below.


You should already have enrolled in A MININUM OF 12 units, so please check your CSUN Student SOLAR to confirm your enrolment. You will have until the end of the third week of classes to alter your schedule, subject to class availability.

If you are on Plan A, please pay by the payment due date, or your classes will be dropped!  If you are waiting for financial aid to be disbursed, please send me an email detailing the amount of financial aid you will receive and the disbursement date. 

NSE Orientation

NSE Orientation will be held at 2.30 pm on Friday August 21st in the Pasadena Room, East Conference Center, University Student Union area - see map reference F4 on the campus map. Orientation will end at 3.30 pm.

It is strongly advised that you attend Orientation as it designed to help you find your way around CSUN and the local area and you will find out about the NSE activity! Please RSVP to NO LATER THAN AUGUST 7.

On-campus housing check--in date

On-campus housing check-in date is Saturday August 22.  Therefore, you will need to request an early check-in to housing if you have applied to live in on-campus housing and will be attending Orientation.  Please complete the early-check in form, scan it and email to

Transportation from Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Those of you who do not have friends or relatives to pick you up at the airport can use the Flyaway bus service that stops every half hour right outside the baggage claim area. Please note: there are FIVE destinations, so make sure that your bus is going to Van Nuys (and not Hollywood, Santa Monica, Union Station or Westwood). The departs regularly and goes non-stop to the Flyway Bus Terminal at Van Nuys. Travel time is 50 minutes (depending on traffic) and costs $8.00 one way. Please note that you can only pay by credit card when you arrive at Van Nuys flyaway terminal. Please visit the website for more information.

You will then need to take a taxi from the taxi rank at the Van Nuys Terminal to your final destination.

If you are staying in on-campus dorms, the address is 17950 Lassen Street, Northridge. This is the address you will need to give the Taxi driver. Do not have your taxi wait for you while you check in. One student from New York had the driver wait, and he kept his meter running and the taxi fare was $75.00!

The taxi fare from Van Nuys to Student Housing should cost approximately $20.00, depending on traffic.