Incoming NSE Students

I look forward to meeting you soon! In preparation for your arrival at CSUN, please see the advice and information below.

~Eleanor Wolgast, NSE Coordinator


Recently admitted incoming NSE students must submit the following:

(a) The online CSUN application - Through this online application, you are also able to pay the $55 application fee and $100 NSE program fee*

(b) An OFFICIAL copy of your current academic transcript. (OFFICIAL electronic transcripts can be emailed to

*This payment was published in the NSE Directory to alert you in advance. This fee helps ensure the continued success of NSE on our campus and contributes to some of the cultural program offerings.

Transcripts can be sent to:

Eleanor Wolgast
International and Exchange Student Center
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91330-8445


You will receive your admission letter from the Admissions Office approximately two weeks after you have submitted your NSE application form, payments and transcript.  Please note:  Admissions may send your admission letter by email or through the mail, so please make sure you check the email address you put on your NSE application regularly. This admission letter will have your username and a temporary password to activate your online CSUN account on SOLAR. 

Once you activate your account, you will be assigned an automatic CSUN email address.  Be sure to check that email frequently because the university will communicate with you through that email address once you are admitted to the university.


After you have received your username and password, you can apply online at  Select “Apply for Housing” button on the left.  HOUSING IS NOT GUARANTEED AND ALLOCATED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS.  Therefore, you are advised to apply AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE YOUR CSUN USERNAME AND PASSWORD.  

The online system will ask you for your CSUN student ID number. Enter your information and submit it, the system should ask you to print out your license agreement, complete it, and send it in immediately.  The Housing office must receive your License Agreement and payment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR THE FALL SEMESTER.  Please make sure your payment is sent as a cashier’s check or money order written to “CSUN Housing.”  

Please return your License Agreement and payment directly to the Housing Office - Student Housing and Conference Services, 17950 Lassen Street, Northridge, CA 91325  

Special instruction for “Spring Only” students:  Spring students can complete the CSUN application form and receive the CSUN username and password to then apply for housing online in NOVEMBER prior to the Spring semester. 

All questions regarding on-campus housing should be directed to (818) 677-2160 or  via email at .


If you are assigned a room with no kitchen, you HAVE to purchase a Meal Plan.  You are also welcome to purchase a Meal Plan if you have a kitchen.  For more details, please see  If you are only going to be at CSUN for one semester, note that on your application and remember that you will only need to pay half the cost.


We understand that you are excited and perhaps a little anxious to register for your courses at CSUN. The information below is meant to help familiarize you with the process and to assist with a smooth transition to CSUN!

To help prepare you for your registration appointment, please review the following:

  • Make sure that all required documents have been submitted to the CSUN NSE coordinator by the designated deadline.
  • Once you have your CSUN ID and password, make sure you can access your portal! Contact your CSUN NSE Coordinator if you run into any issues.
  • Check the course pre-requisites for the desired CSUN classes ahead of time, as some departments may need to see transcripts and/or course syllabi from the home campus to verify course equivalency.
    • You can view courses and pre-requisite information by using the class search tool located in your student portal. Once signed into your myNorthridge portal:
      • Select the “Academics” tab
      • Select “Search For Classes” on the right-hand side
      • Use the drop-down menus to select the desired semester and area of study to narrow down your search
      • Select the desired class and section to view course information, including pre-requisites
      • Have back-up courses in mind in case particular courses are full or require permission from the department. Students will have up until the end of the third week of classes to adjust their schedule.

If you have done all of the above, then you are ready for registration! Please note the following:

  • Registration is an online process through your myNorthridge portal
  • NSE students receive priority registration!
    • Fall registration begins in June
    • Spring registration begins in November
  • NSE students will receive an email from the CSUN NSE Coordinator with detailed registration information and instructions in May for the fall and October for the spring.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to be flexible with their course options, as classes cannot be guaranteed.