England – University of Brighton

Brighton is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, creative and compact city of 240,000 on the south coast of England, located on the edge of an area of outstanding natural beauty. The city is an important cultural and commercial centre, and is highly rated as a place to live as well as a place to learn.

The University of Brighton is a fully accredited and publicly funded university with around 21,000 full and part-time students based on a number of different campuses both in Brighton and the neighbouring town of Eastbourne. The University of Brighton is regularly ranked in university league tables (such as those produced by the Sunday Times) in the top five new (post-1992) universities in the UK. It has received many accolades for its teaching quality and innovation and for its international quality research. Graduates from Brighton are also particularly successful in finding good employment opportunities upon completing their degrees. Further details can be found on the university’s main website

Location: Brighton United Kingdom. Business School, Mithras House Lewes Road Brighton BN2 4AT UK

Duration of exchange: Students may participate in the program for either one semester (fall) or for one academic year.

Helpful website:

Program Cost

Living expenses depend on one’s life style and preferences so it is difficult to generalise.  According to the National Union of Students ( the average cost of living in the UK for a student is £13,388.  This includes £6,143 for rent, £1,956 for food, £316 for household goods, £65 for insurance, £2,074 for personal items, £1,524 for travel and £1,310 for leisure).  A student coming for one term would expect to spend about 1/3 of the annual total. 

Program Cost

This is a sample budget for 4 months.
Expense itemCost
Tuition fee£0 (included in exchange agreement)
Rent£90-£120 per week
Utilities£10 per week
Phone (sim only contract)£5 per week
Bus Pass for unlimited Brighton travel£7 per week
Medical InsuranceFree treatment under the NHS; advised to purchase additional insurance to cover return home in event of serious emergency;  Dental plans available £3-£5 per week
Food and personal expenses£70-£110 per week
Study materials£50-£100 per term

The university’s budget planner may be a useful aid: (SAIT note: This link needs to be updated)


As soon as students accept their unconditional offer of a place on the course they will be given access to the ‘New Student’ area of the university’s intranet, including access to the accommodation office website.  In August, students who are made an unconditional offer and who have accepted their places will be contacted by the university’s accommodation office or Registry with further information about accommodation.

Telephone: +44 (0)1273 644100 - 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri
Fax: +33 (0)1273 642982


Renting private accommodation

Many of our first-year students live in privately rented accommodation. Renting private accommodation lets you choose your location and the people you live with. If you do choose this option, we can support and advise you. We run a house-hunting service over the summer and will give you access to Studentpad, our online house-hunting system.

More on renting private accommodation

Information and support

As well as contacting us for help, we encourage you to take advantage of all the support and services from the accommodation office, including:

  • Our house hunting service – events during the summer to provide housing advice and the opportunity to meet other students interested in sharing private accommodation.
  • Studentpad– our online house-hunting system to help students find good quality accommodation, includes housing advice and message boards
  • Facebook accommodation group for university students wanting to find other students to share with.

To find other students looking to share accommodation or find new housemates you can also use the community boards on StudentCentral.

Academic Information

Language of instruction: English

Credit and Grading System:

Grading system (UK marks need to be adjusted to USA grading scales.  The mode is between 58 and 68; 52 is considered to be a good mark; 60 to 69 is a very good mark; High distinction is very rare)

  • High Distinction (80-100%)
  • Distinction – (70 – 79%)
  • Merit – (60 – 69%)
  • Pass – (50 – 59%)
  • Fail and Refer – (39 – 49%) this is a referable failure which can be overturned if you provide additional satisfactory evidence of achievement of the module learning outcomes required in order to achieve a pass standard.
  • Fail and no Referral – (Below 30%)_____

Credits (per semester): Normally minimum 30 UK credits = 9 USA credits

Requirements and Application Information

  • Required major: Business/Management subjects
  • Have a cumulative overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Graduate Student for most exchanges
  • Fewer exchanges available for undergraduate students. All undergraduate students must hold junior or senior status. Have completed a minimum of 60 units at CSUN (for transfer students) at the time of application and must be currently a CSUN undergraduate or graduate student.

Please request a program application from and complete and submit by the deadline indicated on the application to the International and Exchange student Center (IESC).

For program and application information, please contact Besnike Saitoski,, at the International and Exchange Student Center.

For additional program information, you may contact the following faculty members:

Deborah Cours
Graduate Business