Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911

After-hour non-emergency contact information: 24 hr. Police Dispatch: (818) 677-2111

Emergency information can be located as follows

  • 1-866-515-2786: Students and community members (campus status)

  • CSUN home page will display emergency bulletins

  • KABC 790 AM: Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Reporting an emergency

  • When you call 911 or (818) 677-2111 to report an emergency, you will be connected with the CSUN Police Dispatch Center.
  • Call from a safe location.
  • Stay calm.
  • Carefully explain the problem and the location.
  • Do not hang up until you are instructed to do so by the dispatcher. 

Tips for emergency evacuation

Although we do not anticipate any emergency evacuation for international students at CSUN, we would like you to be prepared in the event of an emergency and possible instruction to evacuate the campus and/or the city.

Emergency evacuation tips for international students

  • Remember to take important documents with you. These include: Passport, visa, SEVIS issued I-20 or DS-2019, I-94, social security card, financial records and plane tickets, checks and credit cards.

  • Contact us at Inform us on your location and how we can contact you. The telephone numbers for the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) is (818) 677-3053, and the campus line is (818) 677-1200.

  • Should you be unable to contact the IESC at CSUN, please contact the SEVP Response Center (SRC) at 1 (703) 603-3400 or at

  • Also, contact your local embassy or consulate office for country specific updates.

  • Visit for important travel warnings.

 Additional detailed information regarding emergency contact information and resources can be found on the Emergency Management & Preparedness page of the Department of Police Services website.