Current Location Report

What is your current location? (choose the option that applies to you)
Arriving Date
Do you have a valid travel signature for your return?
Did you purchase the CSUN health insurance policy group?
Do you have a foreign hold and are completing this report to clear the hold? (choose the option that applies to you)
Departure Date

Please email a copy of your flight itinerary to (Include your complete name and CSUN ID# in the subject title of the email). Please make sure your departure date is on or prior 01/24/2020. If your departure date is later, you will be required to submit proof for SPRING 2021 for the time that you remain in the U.S. before your F hold is removed.

***you are highly recommended to keep your health insurance valid at all times while staying in the U.S.

I am outside the U.S. AND will continue taking my courses remotely from abroad for the fall 2021 semester
I am currently not in the U.S. and will be taking my courses remotely and need my foreign hold cleared. Please fill in your departure details below:

It is very important that you complete this step so that your F hold is removed and/or your immigration record is kept in good standing. Please remember that you must report your arrival date and details, by completing this form again, no later than two weeks prior to your arrival to the U.S. Your proof of valid Health Insurance will be required to submit for your return to the U.S. Once this is submitted, we will email you back to confirm if your I-20 is valid for your return. However, you must secure your valid travel signature earlier since this is a separate process with a different timeline.

If none of above options apply to you, please CONTACT US and you do not need to complete the current location report for now.