Cost and Financial Aid


When studying away, you may have two cost options depending on the host campus’ agreement with the university. Plan A would require you to pay the in-state tuition of the host campus; Plan B allows you to pay the home campus (CSUN) tuition. For most of the host institutions, you may opt to pay according to Plan B and will thus be charged the equivalent tuition rate as California State University, Northridge’s semester cost. Please look at the website for which plans are available at the schools you are interested in attending.

Application Fee

There is a $250 non-refundable application fee*. However, students can choose up to five colleges. Past participants in the program have all been placed at one of their five choices. This fee must be paid at the time you submit your application. The National Student Exchange (NSE) charges CSUN for all student placements, which is why the fee is payable by you.

Financial Aid

Eligible students are awarded financial aid from the campuses at which they pay their tuition and fees.

Financial Aid Information and Scholarships

To help students reach their goals in participating in an study away program, we have comprised this list of scholarship searches and financial aid information available online.

*CSUN reserves the right to increase or modify any listed application fee for the NSE program without notice. Therefore, the listed application fee for the NSE program offered by CSUN should be regarded as an estimate that is subject to change without further notice.