Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Sciences

  • Scanning electron micrographs of corroded metal alloys studied by the Dr. Garrett group.
  • Numerical Computation of scattering acoustic problems,
  • Numerical localization of Jones frequencies.
  • Example of Jones modes in a two-dimensional elasto-acoustic problem.
  • Atomic force micrograph of self-assembled microspheres on glass (left) and an x-ray photoelectron spectrometer (right).
  • Cilmate science research project studied by Dr. Klein group.


Ali Al-Sharadqah

Al-sharadqah, AliAli Al-Sharadqah
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN123
Phone: (818)677-2703

Research Interests: I. Statistics: Errors-In-Variables (EIV) Models, Statistical Inference, Geometric Estimation, and Computational Statistics.
II. The applications of Projective Geometry onto computer vision and 3D reconstruction: Fundamental Matrix and Homography computations and Rotation Matrix estimation.

Alexander Alekseenko

Alexander AlekseenkoAlexander Alekseenko
Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN130
Phone: 818-677-2645

Research Interests: Numerical Analysis for Partial Differential Equations, Numerical General Relativity, Inverse Problems, Optimization. 

Jorge Balbas

Jorge BalbasJorge Balbas
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN125
Phone: 818-677-4772

Research Interests: My research interest is in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis. In particular,I am interested in the design and implementation of efficient numerical algorithms for solving hyperbolic conservation laws and related time dependent problems. Examples and applications include shallow water flows --channel and coastal flows, gas dynamics, and magnetohydrodynamics.

David Bermudes

David BermudesDavid Bermudes
Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: MG4217
Phone: 818-677-6062

Research Interests: Symbiosis and pathogenesis are closely related evolutionary consequences of the interaction of two or more organisms. My laboratory engineers pathogenic bacteria to become non-pathogenic and specifically home to and kill cancer cells

Cristina Cadavid

Cristina CadavidCristina Cadavid
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Office: LO1130
Phone: 818-677-2771

Research Interests: research in solar physics centers on: study of the scaling symmetry of the spatial and temporal structures of solar magnetic and velocity fields; constraining from observations the properties of dynamo models; energy transport in the solar atmosphere and the connection between kinetic and magnetic processes in the solar surface and the heating of the solar upper atmosphere.

Randy Cohen

Randy Cohen Randy Cohen
Professor of Biology
Office: EH2102
Phone: 818-677-3356 and 818-677-2352

Research Interests: My research laboratory investigates the molecular and biochemical time course of neurological disorders like ataxia, identifying how the central nervous system (CNS) reacts to chemical alterations of those neighboring cells that are destined for neurodegeneration. Specifically, my students and I study the biochemical and molecular effects of how neurons, affected by the phenomenon of glutamate dysfunction, may be protected by various signal transduction systems.

Dale Conner

Dale ConnerDale Conner
Professor of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
Office: JD3511
Phone: 818-677-4730

Research Interests: My research interests lie in the processing and mechanical characterization of bulk metallic glass and its composites, and amorphous thin films.

Daniel Curtis

Daniel CurtisDaniel Curtis
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office: LO1300
Phone: 818-677-2479

Research Interests: Study of the spectroscopic properties of atmospheric aerosol particles. This data is used for studies of Earth's climate and urban air pollution.

Maria-Rita D'Orsogna

Maria-Rita D'OrsognaMaria-Rita D'Orsogna
Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN123
Phone: 818-677-2703

Research Interests: My research interests include particle swarming, transport phenomena in biology, viral entry and mathematical modeling of crime and sociological behavior. I am also an environmental activist.

Rabia Djellouli

Rabia DjellouliRabia Djellouli
Chair, Department of Mathematics
Office: SN121/ LO1300
Phone: 818-677-5867/ 2721

Research Interests: Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation Phenomena (Scattering & Guidance), Computational Mechanics, System Identification and Finite Element Model Updating, Scientific Computing, Numerical Analysis, Biomathematics and Biomedical Engineering.

Jussi Eloranta

Jussi ElorantaJussi Eloranta
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office: EH2025
Phone: 818-677-2677

Research Interests: low temperature chemistry in superfluid helium, liquid phase studies of organic radicals, decomposition reactions of perxoides, matrix isolation spectroscopy of small molecules. 

Steven Fiedler

Steven FiedlerSteven Fiedler
IRIS Post-Doctoral Fellow
Office: SN418
Phone: 818-677-7796

Research Interests:Computation of scientific and mathematical systems: Electronic structure calculations of solvated environments, nonadiabatic dynamics, numerical methods in wave propagation, cell membrane simulation

Simon Garrett

Simon GarrettSimon Garrett
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office: MG4300
Phone: 818-677-3361 and 818-677-3381

Research Interests: My research interests are centered around surface science. In particular, I am interested in photochemistry, transition metal alloys and oxides. Currently, I am pursuing three research directions (i) understanding the corrosion and joining of bulk metallic glasses (ii) understanding the reactivity of organic molecules in ice films with a view to comet chemistry and (iii) making oxide nanoparticles for use as nanophotocatalysts and nanomagnets.

David Klein

David Klein David Klein
Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN127
Phone: 818-677-7792

Research Interests: Mathematical Physics, General Relativity and Cosmology, Statistical Mechanics, Climate Science.

Tyler Luchko

Tyler LuchkoTyler Luchko
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Office: LO1124B
Phone: 818-677-6442

Research Interests: My group develops new computational methods, based on molecular solvation theory, to help understand interactions between proteins, DNA and thousands of small molecules at the atomic scale. This work uses molecular modeling, integral equation theory, and statistical mechanics to help solve problems in biophysics, computational chemistry, and drug design.

Majid Mojirsheibani

Majid MojirsheibaniMajid Mojirsheibani
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN122
Phone: 818-677-7814

Research Interests: Nonparametric estimation and inference; Probabilistic classification and pattern recognition; Missing data; Bootstrap and other resampling methods.

Sean Murray

Sean MurraySean Murray
Professor of Biology
Office: EH2205
Phone: 818-677-2950

Research Interests: My laboratory focuses on the role of lipids (fats) in bacterial cell division and differentiation using the model organism Caulobacter crescentus.

Vladislav Panferov

Vladislav PanferovVladislav Panferov
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN129
Phone: 818-677-2326

Research Interests: applied mathematics, partial differential equations, kinetic theory and statistical physics, mathematical biology.

Dayanthie Weeraratne

Dayanthie WeeraratneDayanthie Weeraratne
Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
Office: LO1203
Phone: 818-677-2046

Research Interests: I use interdisciplinary techniques in surface wave tomography, shear wave splitting, and physical fluid dynamics, to study geophysical problems including the the formation and evolution of continental lithosphere,coupling of asthenospheric flow with oceanic and continental lithosphere, and the dynamics of planetary systems such as the interaction of whole mantle convection and planetary core dynamics with upper mantle and surface observables.

Emmanuel Yomba

Emmanuel YombaEmmanuel Yomba
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN124
Phone: 818-677-2711

Research Interests: Mathematical Physics. Study of Integrability conditions for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (NLPDEs), Qualitative Approaches and Construction of Analytical Approaches for Solving NLPDEs and statistical physics, mathematical biology.

Ali Zakeri

Ali Zakeri Ali Zakeri
Professor of Mathematics
Office: SN120
Phone: 818-677-7816

Research Interests: Applied Mathematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Approximation Theory.