Insurance and Risk Management -2022

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Independent Contractor Waiver

The Independent Contractor and the Guest Lecturer waiver forms are essentially the same in that they are submitted by individuals who wish to provide services to the campus and are willing to hold the University harmless for any damages they may suffer as a result of performing those services, which may be paid or unpaid. Such waivers do not take the place of any required insurance.

Independent Contractors

General Independent Contractors are individuals, in business for themselves, who provide services such as lecturing, speaking, clerical, or other special trades. The University and its Auxiliary Organizations at CSUN require an Independent Contractor to register before doing any work on or off-campus for the University or CSUN Auxiliary.

A Hold harmless/waiver/release is required for an Independent Contractor to do work for University departments, regardless of the size of the contractor or contract. Contact Accounts Payable or Purchasing & Contracts Administration for information.

An Independent Contractor doing work through The University Corporation (TUC) must first register with TUC and complete the appropriate forms. Likewise, any independent contractor doing work for any California State University, Northridge Auxiliary, such as the Northridge Foundation, the University Student Union (USU), or the Associated Students (AS) requires each Auxiliary’s Independent Contractor forms.

If an individual is hired as an independent contractor, then the University will (a) determine contractually who will be responsible for any travel expenses, (b) include CSU insurance and indemnification language in any agreement, including a minimum amount of automobile liability coverage of at least $100,000/$300,000 if any driving is anticipated, and (c) require the independent contractor to follow all University policies and procedures while working on campus and/or with University employees, volunteers, and students. The University will not issue a travel authorization for any associated travel. Independent contractors (a) are not covered by the University’s Workers’ Compensation program, (b) may not drive University vehicles, and (c) are not covered under the State's automobile liability program.

To request an Independent Contractor Hold Harmless/Waiver/Release, contact Risk Management at x2079.

Guest Lecturers

For Non-Paid Guest Lecturers:

If the guest lecturer visits a class: once or twice a semester, then we will not have to sign the General Waiver form as the risks associated with speaking to a class are very low.

If the guest lecturer meets with classes on a regular basis throughout the semester, then they will have them register with Human Resources as an “official volunteer”. Once registered then they will be covered under the University’s Workers Compensation policy and therefore, will not have to sign a General Waiver.

 For Paid Guest Lecturers:

The guest lecturer will have to complete the Guest/Special Lecturer Invoice C-710  which includes payment information and the Hold Harmless/Waiver/Release clause.