Data Champions


College of Engineering and Computer Science

Anwar Alroomi
Civil Engineering and Construction Management

FileUnderstanding High DFU rates in Gateway Courses in CECS 

Maryam Tabibzadeh
Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

FileComprehensive Analysis of the Impact of Change of Major in CECS on Graduation Rates

Shahnam Mirzaei
Electrical and Computer Engineering

FileEffect of Math Placement Tests on Student Academic Achievement

Vibhav Durgesh
Mechanical Engineering

FilePathways through CECS Majors, from first Engineering class

College of Health & Human Development

Emily Russell
Child and Adolescent Development

Grishma Bhavsar
Health Sciences

FilePatterns in Health Administration Students that Drop Out 

Roxanne Moschetti 
Child and Adolescent Development

FileHow are Health and Human Development students who are getting DFU’s  in the high DFU classes performing in their other classes?

Stephanie Benjamin
Health Sciences

FileFirst Year Retention among HHD Students

College of Humanities

Eunai Shrake
Asian American Studies

FileAnalysis of Reverse Achievement Gaps in College of Humanities Courses 

Mary-Pat Stein
Liberal Studies

FileSuccess of Students Redirected to Liberal Studies

Rob Gressis

Study of peer mentoring 

Svetlana Tyutina
Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Reacting to the Past 

College of Science and Mathematics

Casey Terhorst

FileOpportunity Gaps in STEM Courses 

Ravi Abrol

FileHigh DFU Rate in CHEM 100:  Factors and Solutions 

Tyler Luchko

Effects of income and socio-economic status on graduation rates 

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Alexandra Cole
Political Science

FileCSUN Student Co-Curricular Engagement Over Time and By College

Helene Rougier

FileAcademic Pathways Analysis 

David Nazarian College of Business & Economics

Educational Opportunity Programs

Carlos Guerrero 

FileTransitional EOP Programs

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, & Communication

Dave Keating
Communication Studies

FileGaps, Transitions, and Time to Degree

Magdy Rizk

FileScheduling for Success

Robert St. Pierre

FileOn the Streets Student Survey

Sakile Camara
Communication Studies

FileFaculty Advising:  Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

Stephanie Bluestein

FileLower-Division Classes Taken by Transfer Students

Oviatt Library

Tseng College of Extended Learning

Ayda Vardumyan

Does Early Start Lead to Improved Retention?

Zachary Helsper

FileSummer After the First Year

Undergraduate Studies

Stefanie Drew
Faculty Development

Faculty Development Programming

University Data Champion