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Office of Institutional Research 
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Mailing AddressPhone and Office Numbers:
Office of Institutional Research 
California State University,Northridge 
18111 Nordhoff Street 
Northridge, CA 91330
Tel: (818) 677-3277 
Fax: (818) 677-5080 
Main Office: VH270 
Maildrop: 8201

Senior Director Janet Oh 6970
Data Consultant Ana Quiran 4576
SEF Coordinator and Administrative Analyst Candice Liu 3363
Data Scientist Clare Wong 2740
Analyst/Programmer Corinne Y Von Colln 4507
Coordinator of Special Data Requests Javier Hidalgo 4553
Analyst/Programmer Jeffrey Chambers 4383
Analyst/Programmer Joel Hickman 4065
Administrative Support Coordinator Krystle Cronin 4554
Coordinator of Student List Requests Ron Nguyen 6781
Research Coordinator Ryan Feyk-Miney 4395
Data Consultant Sabrina Rife 3227
Research Analyst Vana Khachatourian 2042



IR Faculty Scholars


Student Assistants

Danita Hohl

Graduate Research Intern

Krisha Regmi

Graduate Research Intern

Carmen Hoffbeck

Graduate Research Intern

DeVere Vidamuerte

Graduate Research Intern

Nathan Lieng

Graduate Research Intern

Stephanie Torres

Graduate Research Intern