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Web One


The CSUN web style guide is provided to facilitate standardized University branding across all campus websites.

Please note that the current university website and all of its content are being reviewed to determine usability and overall functionality. The website will be redesigned after a discovery process that includes a cross-divisional questionnaire, meetings with key constituents on campus, and an in-depth look at search engine optimization and analytics. The ultimate goal is for CSUN.edu to be functional for all areas of the university with a focus on usability and consistency with the new reputation and visibility aesthetic and tone.

All administrative and institutional sites in the CSUN web environment are deployed through the campus content management system, Web-One. Designed to increase branding consistency, improve overall usability and accessibility, Web-One leverages the combined development skills of campus experts to the benefit of all campus units (see a list of Web-One features). Additionally, Web-One requires no specialized software - editing and revisions simply require the use of a web browser.

Pending the redesign of CSUN.edu, the current guidelines remain in effect with the exception of the new university logo and color update.