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Broadcast Email


An email signature is a good way to connect to the institutional identity. The preferred email signature is the full campus logo including California State University, Northridge. Your email signature should also include pertinent contact information including name, title, address, phone, fax, email and website. You can customize your contact information based on your needs.

To create an email signature in Outlook, go to the Preferences menu and follow the instructions to create your email signature.



The Marketing and Communications department provides mobile-friendly email templates that are ADA compliant and can work across a range of browsers.

The preferred typeface is ATC Overlook, however due to browser limitations it’s not always possible to include non-system fonts within email design. When developing emails, choose ATC Overlook, then Helvetica, then Arial in your markup.

Available templates provide options for creating an approved layout for distribution via the PCI platform. The templates are designed to display across multiple screen sizes by adapting to the users' available screen space.