Systems and Technology

  • Websites and Online Resources

Websites and Online Resources

We provide assistance with

  • Website design
  • Accessible web pages for departments and programs
  • Web-One/Drupal CMS
  • Social media
  • Section 508 compliance

Website Design and Development

  • The Grid System - a design method applied to CSS for building web pages.
  • Bootstrap - web design/development framework
  • {less} - dynamic CSS
  • jQuery - JavaScript library and projects

Browser-based Apps

  • Chrome apps and extensions- user needs to have a Google account
    • Pixlr  - free, full featured, browser-based photo editor similar to Photoshop
    • Pixlr Express - free, easy to use browser-based photo editor. Much more straightforward than Photoshop.
    • Shift-Edit – browser-based web design/development IDE with SFTP, live view of web pages, code syntax checking for HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Java, Ruby etc. Can open and save files offline.
    • Pocket - Save web pages to read later.
    • AdBlock for Chrome - Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu.
  • Google Drive– contains all of your Google docs, spreadsheets, Fusion tables, drawings, etc. with many add-on apps in addition to Google docs including
    • Pixl Editor, free photo editor
    • Draw iO – create diagrams
  • Firefox extensions - accessed from the Firefox start page (click the "home" icon). Many good ones, including
  • myCSUNbox– CSUN provided Box account. Save data online and share documents securely. CSUN Faculty and Staff members receive 10 Gb of storage space.

Free/Public Domain Image Resources

Blogs & Social Media

Video Sharing

Miscellaneous Useful Applications

  • Easy group scheduling app