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The College of Humanities will be showcased at the Explore CSUN open house in 2 presentations. Newly admitted students will have the opportunity to learn about the College and talk with members of the Dean's Student Council.

The College of Humanities houses 10 academic departments and five interdisciplinary programs, which traditionally make up the study of humanities, i.e., ethnic studies, languages, linguistics, literature, philosophy, and religion. Representatives will present information about the college, including various undergraduate research activities that contribute to humanities scholarship. 

College of Humanities at Explore CSUN event

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National Humanities Advocacy Day at CSUN


National Humanities Advocacy Day is a day when a network of humanities leaders from around the country communicate the value of the humanities to Members of Congress, explore humanities policy and become year-round advocates for the humanities (National Humanities Alliance). 

We bring this tradition to CSUN by launching the first annual Humanities Advocacy Day to communicate the value of the humanities to students across our campus. We will host a keynote speaker, reception, and workshops for students to explore what they can do with the humanities in their careers and lives.

Photos of Keynote speaker mark! Lopez and the Alumni panel