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Dean's Student Council

The Dean’s Student Council consists of one student from each undergraduate and graduate program in the College of Humanities. Students on the council act as liaisons between the departments and the Dean, as well as working on ways to engage the broader community about the Humanities.

The Dean’s Student Council is a way for student concerns and issues to be addressed in the College. Go to the Members page for council members' contact information.

Alumni Stories


CATESOL Conference

By Anita Ebadi

CATESOL Annual Conference 2018December sixth was the first day of a four-day annual statewide event called CATESOL. California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages or CATESOL is a yearly conference held to aid teachers or aspiring instructors in learning more about various ways of teaching English to individuals learning English as a second or foreign language. Additionally, numerous well-known pioneers in the field of TESL attend to spread their knowledge about topics related to teaching English as a second or foreign language.  CATESOL Conference continues