Religious Studies

Dr. Amanda Baugh is now the Program Director for the minor in CCE.

December 1, 2016

Did you know that CSUN offers a minor in Civic and Community Engagement? (CCE)  Dr. Amanda Baugh, professor within the Department of Religious Studies, is the Program Director for the minor in CCE.

The Civic and Community Engagement Minor (CCE) is designed for students who wish to apply what they learn at CSUN toward making positive changes in their communities and the world.  The minor provides skills for students to successfully integrate their academic and professional interests with their desire to create healthy, humane, successful, and sustainable communities.  Students will combine their CSUN coursework and collaborations with community partners to become informed and active members and leaders in society. 


The CCE minor consists of 18 units.  In addition to the two core courses, you are required to complete 12 unites focused on a particular theme or discipline, including 3 units classidied as community service or field work. 


Apply courses in General Education Path toward a CCE minor, or create your own theme or discipline in consultation with Dr. Amanda Baugh, the CCE Program Director.

Questions?  Contact Dr. Amanda Baugh, Program director: , (818) 677-4733