Benefits of a Philosophy Major

2 brainiacsPhilosophy majors outperform nearly all other majors on the standardized tests used to get into  lo graduate and professional schools, such as the GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT. Some of the most successful business executives and entrepreneurs were philosophy majors. Employers in all fields recognize the value of studying philosophy. There are many current reports on this.

The study of philosophy can help one become a creative and independent thinker. Many of the most important skills for academic and professional success are honed by doing philosophy. Philosophy’s emphasis on creative problem solving prepares one for a wide variety of careers, especially in business, law, medicine, engineering, the tech industry and the arts. Those who study philosophy enjoy a high level of success when pursuing graduate or professional degrees.

Because the skills one learns to master in philosophy are so adaptable, a major or minor in philosophy is an excellent complement to other academic concentrations. Some common double majors include: philosophy and political science, philosophy and psychology, philosophy and literature, philosophy and engineering, philosophy and physics, philosophy and film, and philosophy and the visual or musical arts.

The benefits of philosophy are not only practical to one’s career, of course. Philosophy can help make you a better member of your community. Being reflective about one’s beliefs, values, and decisions is expected of citizens participating in a democratic society, and philosophy can help hone and encourage those skills. Philosophy can also lead to a more fulfilling and interesting life. Some philosophers even say it paves the way for a happier life.