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Beatriz Cortez Contributes to OC Museum of Art’s California-Pacific Triennial Exhibit

May 10, 2017

California State University, Northridge Central American Studies professor Beatriz Cortez dedicated countless hours, energy and sweat to welding a steel porch that will be showcased over the next several months at the Orange County Museum of Art’s (OCMA) “California-Pacific Triennial: Building as Ever.” The exhibition, begins tomorrow and runs through Sept. 3 at the museum at 50 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach California.

OCMA Senior Curator Cassandra Coblentz chose Cortez and 24 other artists from countries that border the Pacific Ocean to help express her curatorial vision, which highlights the “temporal precariousness of the built environment.”

Coblentz picked artists whose works have an intangible connection to one another, Cortez said. “In her mind, [Coblentz] makes the connections and imagines the ways the different bodies of work speak to each other,” Cortez said. “She is not only establishing a conversation between our work, but also between the spaces that are around the Pacific Ocean.” (Story continues at CSUN Shine Today.)