College of Humanities

2023 College of Humanities Dean’s Scholar Samantha Alarcon

May 2, 2024

Samantha AlarconAfter six consecutive semesters on the Dean’s List in the College of Humanities, Samantha Alarcon is graduating with a degree in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Social Science. When Alarcon first visited CSUN, she was immediately drawn to the campus. “I loved the layout of everything,” she says. “And I was really intrigued by all of the campus organizations and events that took place. So much to be a part of.” Alarcon cites the dedication of educators in her own past as the inspiration for her desire to work with kids. So, when it came to deciding on a major, Liberal Studies was an easy choice.

Alarcon, who has been playing soccer since she first learned to walk, says that she has always considered herself an athlete. “My dad loved the sport when he was growing up as well,” she says. “So, when I got the opportunity to play here at CSUN while furthering my education, I was thrilled.” Alarcon enjoyed what she describes as a very tight-knit and supportive athletic community here at CSUN, and has made a number of lifelong friends. For her excellence on and off the field, Alarcon was chosen as Female Scholar Athlete of the Year for 2020-21 and 2022-23, and named to the Big West All-Academic Team for the fall season of 2021.

She is currently applying to the Teaching Credential Program here at CSUN while playing out her last season with the CSUN Women’s Soccer Team. Looking ahead, Alarcon is focused on a career in education. “I hope to end up leading a classroom of my own either in the LAUSD or IUSD in Orange County, closer to where I grew up,” she says. “It is also a dream of mine to pursue a job coaching soccer at the youth and college levels.” Wherever her aspirations ultimately lead, we know that Alarcon will succeed in educating and inspiring generations of students who will find themselves fortunate to have her as a teacher or coach. And we here in the College of Humanities at CSUN will forever be proud to count her among our esteemed alumni.