Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures II

Russian Media Resources

  • St. Petersburg State Academic Symphonic Orchestra
  • Russian Internet Radio - Live and pre-recorded Russian radio, broadcast from Russia, the U.S., and all over the world
  • BBC Russian - News, sports, and weather from the BBC, all presented in Russian
  • Vesti - Russian language news site
  • Strana - Russian language news site
  • Demoscope - Electronic version of the weekly publication Population and the Society
  • Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) - A Russian language public opinion publication, presented in both Russian and English.
  • Rambler - Russian language search engine
  • Yandex - Russian language search engine
  • Glossary Commander - Explanatory dictionaries based on certain themes (e.g., the economy, society, science)
  • Channel One Russia - TV, news, and other information from Channel One in Russia
  • Radio Mayak - Russian language radio with news, weather, politics, and sports
  • RusRadio - Talk and music in Russian, presented online by Russian Radio
  • Krugosvet - Information on geography, science, the humanities, history, and more, presented in Russian
  • Zones from RIN - Presented by RIN, general information regarding 240 countries as well as specialized domain hosting information for websites
  • Rambler Weather - Live weather from Russia and around the globe, presented in Russian