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The Program

Great Torii at Nakamura Park, 1930The Japanese Program offers students the opportunity to major in Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Japan or to minor in Japanese language.

The B.A in Languages and Culture - Japanese Option is designed to provide advanced proficiency and cultural competency in Japanese and requires completion of a total of 42 units, including 24 units of Japanese language and culture courses and 18 units in other cultures and literatures offered in the Modern and Classical Languages  "The Program" continues

Why Study Japanese?

Oga Peninsula (Akita)The study of the language affords students the opportunity to communicate, read and write in Japanese.

  • Japan is the one of the world's largest economies, and if the US is to remain competitive in Asian markets, Americans must begin to study Asian Languages and cultures.
  • Study of Japan, long under the influence of the great civilizations of India, China, and Korea,
"Why Study Japanese" continues